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Our Desires & God's Will: One Day Retreat


Our desires often cause us problems, yet our desires also offer much promise. The nature of our soul is to have unlimited desires, and our desires often work against the life of the Spirit in us. Yet, God is the ultimate source of our desires, and our soul’s infinite capacity to desire is the mirror image of God’s infinite capacity to give.

Our desires direct our life far more than our will, as our will has very limited power. Learning to will God’s way begins with learning to attend to God’s presence. Christian spirituality is not about the crucifixion of desires but rather about the realignment of our desires by turning our hearts to the Source of all desires. We will explore the transformation of our will by examining why our desires are “disordered” and how our human wills can be brought into alignment with God’s intentions so that we willingly choose that which God wants for us.

This retreat is the tenth in a series of one-day retreats to help us deepen our intimacy with God. Pastor Sid will lead the retreat, and it will take place at John and Janet Moore’s home.

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