Next Steps

Ready to call VCC home? Become a Covenant Member and partner with us to bless the Tri-Valley though the leading of the Spirit. If you haven’t been baptized yet, why wait?


Christians are not lone rangers, but covenant members: members of the body of Jesus Christ who has drawn us into His covenant embrace. Covenant Membership, or simply church membership, is faith incarnate: individual faith lived out in the corporate body of Christ. As a body we have different roles, but when one of us hurts, we all hurt (1 Corinthians 12:12). We are not club members, but family members who are accountable to care for one another (Matthew 12:49-50). We have one Spirit, one Father, and one Elder Brother: Jesus Christ. We belong to Him and therefore to one another.


Baptism is meant to mark the beginning of our journey as Christians because it is a promise from God (think of a wedding ring) that commemorates our becoming a member of the church, Christ’s beloved bride. It is a powerful sign and seal of the promise of salvation that we have in Jesus. That is why we like to say that the sacraments are “visible declarations of good news.” When we witness a baptism, we are witnessing someone dying with Christ to their selfishness and rising again to a new life of serving God and others (Romans 6:4).

New Christian? Never been baptized? We hold baptisms during Sunday services at least quarterly in tandem with our new member celebrations. If you are interested in baptism, we offer a quarterly class right after service where you will learn all about the rich significance of this powerful symbol. Let us know below if you are coming to the next class so we can buy you lunch! And to learn more about baptism at VCC, click the button to the left.