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Greeters offer a friendly greeting to people as they approach and enter the sanctuary lobby while handing out bulletins, answering questions, and providing directions.


Ushers offer a friendly greeting to people as they enter the sanctuary, help seat people, and make sure the doors are closed once service begins. After the service, they clean up communion cups and items left in the pews.


Provide a personal touch at Connections in the sanctuary lobby.  Connections provide a central place for information, sign-ups for events, and various ministry resources.  Volunteers help a staff person with answering questions and helping people take their next step.


Volunteer to help serve in our worship services. The primary serving opportunities are in music, both vocal and instrumental, though serving opportunities can include other elements such as set up and “bumper videos.”


Assist in the audio-visual department, including sound, visuals, and video recording. Serving opportunities include adult worship services, Student Ministry, and Children’s Ministry.


Help provide cookies and other snacks for Inklings and the Gathering Place.





Love holding babies or hearing toddler chatter? Beginnings is where you will thrive. Help us provide a sanctuary for the precious little ones and their parents.


Love kids? We do too, and we want them to grow up loving the church. That is why we ask for an eleven month commitment from our Children’s Ministry volunteers. Get trained!


Volunteers make all of our ministries possible, and that includes our wild (and often wet!) summer events for kids. Help us engage with the little ones in our church and our community!

Refuge Group Leader

Sunday Mornings

The Refuge group leader serves by leading a small group of Middle School students in a curriculum-based discussion of that Sunday’s topic and message. The goal is for our students to hear a 20-30 minute message, then be able to talk about their response to it in a 20-30 minute discussion.

Refuge Group Leader


The Refuge group leader serves by discipling a small group of Middle School students through leading a small group discussion on Tuesday nights. As a group leader, you would also worship with your students during worship, pour into your students by reaching out to them outside of Refuge, and be given creative elements, such as skits or object lessons, to utilize during your small group times.

Refuge Snack Server


The Refuge snack server pours into our students by setting out and serving nachos and slushees at the end of Refuge Tuesday nights. This is a great volunteer opportunity with a lower time commitment for those who are arriving to pick up their kids anyway!


Disability Ministry


The Friendship Class exists for those with disabilities that are unable to be involved in Children’s or Student Ministries. We will train you to serve in this wonderful ministry.


Friday Friends, VCC’s ministry to adults with disabilities, needs lots of volunteers to set up, cook, lead, and most of all…be a friend!


On a few Saturdays a year, VCC offers a day of fun for children with disabilities to give their parents a much needed rest. We need your help to pull this ministry off!

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Compassion Ministry


The primary purpose of the Compassion Ministry is to mobilize members of the congregation to provide “care” to others, primarily within the sphere of Valley Community Church. This ministry is organized into distinct teams, each having a specific function as described below. The Community Care Pastor will request volunteers for a specific need, and then any member of the appropriate team can volunteer to meet that particular need.

Note Writers

Note Writers handwrite a personal note to a specific individual. Most notes will be written in response to prayer requests that are shared on the VCC Prayer Chain. Information regarding the individual will be provided on the Prayer Chain, and in some cases supplemented by additional information from the Community Care Pastor. The focus of these notes is to provide encouragement and comfort, including the encouragement that the note writer is praying for the person.


This ministry is an outreach to those at Valley Community Church who have lost a spouse. The VCC Deacons organize this ministry with the purpose of providing a coordinated outreach and offering an awareness of available resources at VCC and/or outside community services. Volunteers will assist the deacons in providing maintenance help to widows, as well as offering personal encouragement (e.g. cards) to widows and widowers.


Volunteers on this team provide short-term care for persons suffering serious medical issues. Care will consist primarily of personally visiting the person, often in the hospital, but also in their homes in some cases. The focus of these visits is to represent the loving presence of Christ, which includes listening and praying for the person.


The Stability Ministry seeks to come alongside people who are in need and provide longer-term assistance, thereby serving as a complement to our short-term help through Benevolence and many other giving opportunities. The distinguishing feature of the Stability Ministry is to help in the context of relationships, to come into proximity with those we seek to help. Two current areas of focus are the Bay Area Community Services and the residents of the Las Ventanas apartment complex. For further information, contact Sid Niemeyer at


Serving the Tri-Valley Community



CityServe exists to serve people in the Tri Valley by: 1) sending volunteers in the local Church and community to the non-profits in our Tri Valley, and 2) coordinating resources and volunteers between faith-based communities, non-profits, schools, businesses, and government agencies. VCC has liaisons who regularly attend CityServe meetings, and VCC is developing specific areas in which to focus our serving efforts within the Tri Valley. Visit CityServe at, or contact Sid Niemeyer ( to connect with one of our VCC liaisons to City Serve with particular questions.

VCC I Can Help

VCC I Can Help is a Facebook group in which members can post needs. It provides a means of making personal needs known. In addition, the VCC liaisons to City Serve also post selected needs on this Facebook site, and members of the Facebook group are also welcome to post community needs that come to their attention. Sign up for this Facebook group by clicking here.

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